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Doing More With Less, Marketing In A Down Economy

One of the first areas companies cut budgets during down times is marketing. Unfortunately, while this might be an easier cut to make, it negatively positions your company in the future, as you are not promoting and positioning your company, or products and services during this period. Research shows companies that spend a steady amount over the years, even in a down economy, will enjoy very consistent and successful lead generation, qualification and closing sales as a consequence.

Marketing dollars spent during a down economy are far more powerful than similar dollars spent during good times, because each dollar represents a greater percentage of the overall marketing expenditure in your industry. While other companies drastically cut their expenditures, your consistency means that you stand out more in the minds of your target audiences. While other companies cut their advertising budgets, you continue to show relevance in you particular market. This projects strength and stability in a way that supports any brand strategy. It provides valuable differentiation that will contribute to increasing sales more rapidly in the short term, and toward building your long-term branding success.

At Creative Solved, we are offering our clients cost effective methods of marketing, enabling them to stay relevant and properly positioned during this economic downturn. Tools such as email, web and social marketing have all become much more prevalent, cost effective and measurable allowing you to carefully spend and track you marketing dollars.