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Enhancing Email Marketing Campaigns With
Social Media Marketing

As an advocate of email marketing, we are firm believers this medium is not only here to stay, but an integral part of any marketing campaign. Email deployments are important for marketing any product, service or brand. One large drawback of email marketing is the typically short length of time that the emails circulate. Once deployed, the emails are will get a high number of click-thrus and conversions, however, it tends to drop off quickly.
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No Opt-in, Single Opt-in, Notified Single Opt-in,
Double or Confirmed Opt-in...Confused?

Lately when talking to clients about their email marketing, it's all about list size. Most clients feel the size of their lists directly reflect on the success of their email campaigns. Bigger is better, or is it? I still experience a lack of understanding from clients on what opt-in means and what are "best practices".
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